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Student Membership

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SCURC Student Membership Guidelines

Welcome! We are excited to have you worshiping here with us at Sioux Center United Reformed Church, and we are glad you are interested in joining us as a Student Member.

Student memberships are open to all students who are professing or baptized members in good standing in a Christian church. Student membership is for you if you are a college or seminary student who wants to stay connected with your home church while also recognizing the call and benefit of attachment to a local church family.

We take student membership seriously! We promise to come alongside you as your church family while you are at school. That means we will visit with you during the school year to see how you are doing spiritually. We want to take care of you as your church family away from home.

We also want to encourage and welcome you to use your gifts and abilities within the life of the congregation. Get involved! Take advantage of the opportunities and please let us know if there are ways you are willing to serve the body of Christ.

If you have professed your faith, as a student member you are welcome to join us as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Also, feel free to join in the worship of giving during our services while keeping in mind that the primary recipient of your financial giving should still be your home church. We’re not after your money! We simply want to welcome you into our fellowship as your church home away from home.

As a student member, you are technically still a member of your home church. That’s why when it comes to full membership, voting at congregational meetings, or even serving in office, these are things you’ll have the opportunity to do at your home church. That said, you are certainly welcome to come to our congregational meetings and other gatherings and participate in those aspects of our church life.

If you would like to become a student member, please fill out the request form and give it to one of the elders. Who are the elders? They are the guys shaking hands in the back after each service. Or, ask someone and they will be happy to point them out.

It is our prayer that we will be a blessing to you as a student member and you to us as we worship and serve our Lord and Savior together! When your student membership request has been approved, you will be welcomed publicly at a worship service. (But don’t worry, we won’t have you come up front!) You will also be included in the annual student member directory and have a “church mailbox” in the back. We will reach out to your home church to let them know about your student membership.

Student membership is only valid for one academic year; you need to renew your student membership each fall.

In Christ,
The Consistory of Sioux Center URC


Please read the student membership guidelines above. In addition to these guidelines, please confirm the following points:

  1. I believe and confess that Jesus Christ is my Savior from sin and the Lord of my life.
  2. I acknowledge the full authority of His Word as the only rule for regulating, founding, and establishing my faith.
  3. I am a baptized or professing member in good standing of a Christian Church.
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I have read and confirm the points listed above.


Personal Information

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Home Address


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Home Church Information

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Type of Membership in your home church:

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Baptized Professing
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School Information

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Name of School attending

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Major/Minor field(s) of study

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Anticipated graduation date


Church Community

As student members, we welcome you into our local church's congregational life. If you would like to be involved with, or find out more about, any of the opportunities listed below, please indicate so.




Nursery (women)


Usher (men)


Piano/Organ Accompanist




Sunday School teacher or aide


Men's Bible Study


Women's Bible Study




Newsletter writer/editor


Please list any other gifts you have and are willing to use during your time as a student member


Please click "Submit" to finalize. Thank you for being a part of our church community!